Telmont Essentials is based in Sydney Australia and has a research centre in Xiamen China. Our plantation, propagation and production centres are in Fujian, Yunnan and Guangdong, China.

Our products are essential oils, isolates and a select range of aroma chemicals.



Our Foundation



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Our Team

Jim Gobert




We hold ISO9001 accreditation and are Sedex registered and audited.

All our products are Kosher certified and Halal compliant.
We are currently undergoing HACCP & GMP certification

Jim has post graduate qualifications in chemistry, pharmaceutical & cosmetic technology and is a trained ISO9000 auditor. Jim has been in the fragrance, essential oil and aroma chemicals industry since 1987 

John Bax


Our sources - our primary sources are from village farming communities. We pay fair prices and support our farmers with agronomic and environmental training and we fund community projects to improve the village community quality of life.


Our employees - we provide a safe, dignified work environment to attract and retain our valued employees. We are the preferred employer in our communities and we support projects that improve the standard of living in our communities.


Our operations - we adhere to the concept of "Kaizen" - continuous improvement of all functions,  involving the entire company to improve excellence in quality, energy efficiency, waste reduction plus increased safety and health of our employees. Our products are fully traceable to the original source.